Tutorial: Connecting Senstroke sensors to Windows 10 with SensorConnect software

In this tutorial, we will see how to connect Senstroke sensors to Windows 10 using our dedicated Senstroke software.
We were telling you about it on our Redison blog, and we are proud to announce that you can now download the software to connect Senstroke sensors to Windows :  SensorConnect.

Download SensorConnect

Click here to download the software SensorConnect
Then follow the software installation process to install it correctly on your computer.

You can also download the SensorConnect operating instructions in PDF format.

 Connect Senstroke sensors to Windows with SensorConnect

Requirements :

Once the SensorConnect software is installed, launch it.


SensorConnect software allows you to connect Senstroke sensors directly to your computer in a simple and intuitive way.


Once the software is launched, click on “Bluetooth Manager” to open the Windows Bluetooth settings screen.


Make sure that your computer’s Bluetooth is enabled, then click on “add a device”.


Then click on the sensors that are on to connect them to your computer, return to SensorConnect, and click on the sensors that have just appeared to pair them with the software.


Once all sensors are connected to SensorConnect, you can use them directly with your favorite DAWsoftware !

In MIDI device management, choose the created MIDI port (in this example, Senstroke Sensor) as MIDI input.
The sensors send midi notes which are then played through the selected instrument.

For example, here is a tutorial to connect Senstroke sensors to Reaper with Windows.