Senstroke Setup

Senstroke setup : Play drums on anything, anywhere.

Senstroke configuration: Play drums on anything, anywhere.
Hello and welcome on the setup page of the Senstroke application.
In this guide, we will explain how to use the sensors and the Senstroke application correctly.

1. Requirements

Discover the requirements for using Senstroke sensors.

2. Presentation of the Senstroke sensors

Find general information about the operating instructions of the connected Senstroke sensors.

3. Senstroke sensors pairing

Follow these steps to properly pair Senstroke sensors with the dedicated application.

4. Calibration of the Senstroke sensors

To ensure proper use of the sensors, it is essential to calibrate them regularly.

5. Installation of the Senstroke sensors

How to properly install the sensors on the drumsticks and feet.

6. Change Senstroke sensors sensitivity

How to setup and change the sensor’s sensitivity as you want.

7. Play with Senstroke

Discover how to play with Senstroke sensors and application.

8. Changing the Drum kit

Discover how to change drum kit in Senstroke application

9. Customize a drum kit

Configuring your kit by customizing a drum kit

10. Record yourself with Senstroke

How to record yourself with Senstroke sensors

11. The learning mode

Learn and progress with Senstroke thanks to the learning mode.

12. Warranty

Warranty of the Senstroke sensors


Find out how to quickly change the role of sensors to reassign a new one

Going further

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