Senstroke – Setup : Play with Senstroke sensors

Learn how to play with Senstroke sensors

To play with Senstroke sensors, go to the “Play” section of the Senstroke application.

The “beginner” configuration

The “beginner” configuration is the default game mode of the application. It is a standard kit, pre-loadaed, which contains only three elements (snare drum and two cymbals). If you have connected foot sensors, you will also find a bass drum and a hi-hat.


It is recommended to practice and get used to the use of the sensors on this basic kit before customizing it.

Before you start playing, take a seat in front of your physical playing area, point the sticks in front of you towards your snare drum with your Senstroke sensor-equipped sticks, and then press the sensors briefly.


This manipulation is essential. It allows you to remind your sensors of your basic position and the direction of the snare drum, from which all other elements are determined.
We recommend that you perform this light pressure regularly and as soon as your elements get lost, i.e. you cannot hear the sound of the element you are hitting.

You can then play directly without further configuration.

Reminder :

In order to guarantee maximum playing comfort, it is necessary to respect the zones and angles defined by the beginner mode.

  • The hi-hat :


  • The snare drum :


The ride cymbal :


IMPORTANT: It is essential to respect the angles defined during configuration for the sensors to work properly. If the angles are not maintained, the different elements may get mixed up during play.

Instant reorientation of the drumkit

If you have to move or rotate on yourself, simply point the sticks to the new snare drum location and press the sensor switch on the sensors with a single (not prolonged) press.


This instant calibration allows you to move in any direction, play on stage stably, and correct for occasional sensor angle drift without having to perform the setup step again.