Senstroke – Configuration : Sensor pairing

How to connect Senstroke sensors to the application

  • Turn the Bluetooth on. If you have not already done it, a message asking you to activate Bluetooth will be displayed.
  • You are in the “Sensors” section of the application.


  • Switch on a Senstroke sensor by pressing the button located on it.
  • The sensor appears on the application screen.
  • On your smartphone screen, tap the sensor icon that just appeared to connect the sensor to the application.


  • The sensor LED turns green, and the sensor appears connected in the application.
  • Repeat the process for the other sensors.

The sensors are automatically paired in the following order: left hand, right hand, right foot and left foot. You can later change the roles individually.

Note : if the sensors do not appear in the list, make sure that they are turned on (blue LED flashing), and/or that the Senstroke smartphone application has the necessary rights (Bluetooth enabled and GPS location enabled for Android).