Senstroke – Configuration: Requirements

Requirements for the use of Senstroke sensors

Here are the requirements for an optimal use of Senstroke sensors.

The 4 sensors Senstroke box

Please check that the following things are in the box :

  • Four Senstroke sensors
  • Two straps to attach the sensors to the feet
  • A USB cable to charge two sensors at the same time
  • A bass drum adapter, in the form of a foam tube, to attach a sensor to a bass drum pedal


Before you start, please bring:

  • A pair of drumsticks size 7A or 5A.
  • A solid playing area: training pads, cushions, books, tables, furniture, etc.
  • A smartphone or tablet using an operating system greater than or equal to IOS10 or Android 6.0
  • An Internet or mobile connection.

Download and installation of the Senstroke application.

The Senstroke application is free and allows you to configure your Senstroke sensors.
You can download the application from the App Store on your IOS phone or tablet, or on the Play Store from your smartphone or Android tablet.

Senstroke : App Store | Play Store

Account creation

Before you start, you must create an account to use the Senstroke application.
This account will allow us to offer you customized features.