Senstroke – Configuration : Changing the drumkit

Changing the drumkit into the Senstroke application

The Senstroke application allows you to change the drum-kit at any time.
To do so, press the button at the top of your screen, named “beginner configuration” by default.


You can then choose between three drum kits in the “drum kits” tab:

  • “Snare kit”
  • “Blue Kit”
  • “Big Rock Drum Kit”

These drum-kits have different characteristics and number of customizable elements.

The colored elements are the elements available with your current configuration, while the grayed out elements are not configured (you can’t play with them).
As a reminder, it is necessary to respect the zones and angles, namely (for the standard pre-loaded kit) the hi-hat to the left, the snare drum in the center, and the ride cymbal to the right.