Senstroke – Configuration : Calibration of the sensors

How to calibrate Senstroke sensors

In order to ensure proper use of the sensors, it is essential to calibrate them on a regular basis or when you feel that the accuracy of the sensors is less precise.
Calibration helps the sensor to locate itself in the space.
To calibrate a sensor, slide it onto a drumstick

Go to the “sensors” section, and click on the sensor you want to calibrate.


The calibration screen appears with two calibrations to be executed.


  1. The first is on the left side of the calibration screen.
    It consists of putting the drumstick equipped with the sensor to be calibrated on a table and leaving it completely still for a few seconds. An animation will indicate the validation of the calibration.
    This step allows the sensor to position itself in the space.
  2. The second step consists in rotating the sensor on itself on the vertical and horizontal axis so that the sensor can see all the directions of the room.
    A message is then displayed to let you know that the calibration has been performed.
    This step ensures that the sensors are more resistant to vibration and impacts, so that they don’t suffer much from a loss of accuracy during longer sessions.


Repeat this process for all sensors.

We recommend that you perform these calibrations for all sensors, including those you use on your feet. Place them on a drumstick for calibration and then reposition them with the straps around the feet.