The first ultra portable wireless and connected drums

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Senspad : The first wireless and connected drums

The first wireless connected and scalable drumpad. Bring your drumkit into your bag.
Ultra precise and customizable system.
Senspad led
Senspad allows you to improve your dexterity/smoothness, coordination and precision on the pad. Connect several Senspad to create a genuine portable drumkit.
Senspad traveling
All of our team members and partners have the same goal : provide you the best drumming experience ever made.
The responsiveness, the rebound, the latency, the soft touch are truly incredibles !

Senspad’s FEATURES

  • Light: less than a 2.5 lbs
  • Precise: Ghost notes management up to the Forte
  • Connected: Play directly wireless to create a complete connected drumkit
  • Customizable: assign up to 3 areas of strikes
  • Adjustable: combine several Senspad together to create a complete connected drumkit
  • Open: compatible with any digital audio workstation/music software for Windows, Mac, Iphone, Android devices accepting midi signals
  • Hybrid: You want to connect Senspad via USB port? Senspad supports it too
  • Interactive: Thanks to our dedicated application, follow your sessions and improvements
  • Easy: A six-year-old child can use it
  • Design: Innovative, unique and ergonomic

What can I do with Senspad ?

1# Practice your technique on the pad

Senspad allows you to improve your dexterity/smoothness, coordination et precision on the pad. With its different areas, you can practice sounds and with the leds follow the rythm, exercices and many more awesome things !

2# Create a complete portable drumkit

Connect several Senspad, and add Senstroke sensors on your feet to create a genuine portable wireless and connected drumkit.

3# Transform your acoustic kit

Insulate your acoustic drumkit and transform it into a connected one by putting your pads on top of your acoustic drumkit elements in seconds.

They talk about us !

Novices, both amateurs and pros, there is no reason to deprive yourself of the happiness provided by the practice of this instrument, which has become affordable to everyone thanks to Redison!- Le Figaro
An invention that should soon conquer a vast public, both on the side of confirmed drummers wishing to practice easily, without clutter and noise, as well as on the side of beginners, or even, parents wishing so to initiate their children to the drums.- Batterie Magazine
A very nice discovery, really, to keep in your bag all the time!- Drum blogger
This set is practical to exercise, with very similar sensations (like a real drum kit)!- CNEWS