Our Redison Ambassadors

Professionals drummers, find here all our Redison ambassadors !

Camille Greneron – Professional Drummer -France

“Senstroke is the perfect alternative for people who don’t have access to a drum kit, and allows you to play anywhere at any time !”

Max Goemaere – Professional Drummer -France

« Reactivity and nuances: Senstroke sensors are amazingly precise ! »

Marvin Morelle – Professional Drummer -France

“Senstroke is an innovative, wireless, connected product that is destined to grow !”

Siddharth Nagarajan – Professional Drummer – India

“Senstroke : it’s drumming, and beyond !”

Keisuke Furuya – Drummer – Japan

“ Senstroke, a technological revolution for drummers around the world”

Aysha Djellel – Drum Teacher – France

“Senstroke, a revolutionary tool that allows you to play drums all the time, everywhere!”

Paulo Bucho – Drummer – Portugal

“Senstroke is an innovative product: it is possible to build a drum kit with any object. Perfect for easy and quiet recording!”

Cedric Lepine – Professional Drummer – France

“Senstroke, an incredible and innovative solution: a real tool to democratize drumming throughout the world”

Reelow – Professional DJ – Spain

“The first word that comes to mind when I think about Senstroke ? just Badass”

Sébastien – Professional drummer and teacher – France

“The drum set where you want, when you want !”

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