Who is Redison ?

Since April 2017, Redison brings you connected and innovative solutions to make your daily life easier.

Redison : Badass Technologies

Redison, much more than just a company; a true entrepreneurial experience, a team of people passionate about new technologies and music who, every day, work with a single objective in mind: to imagine and propose disruptive solutions to make everyday life easier for all users.


Several thousands of customers around the world have already adopted our tools, simple and innovative, fun, intuitive and with a clear design. Discovering a Redison product means making it your own, integrating it into your daily routines, whatever the field: today music, tomorrow health, and the day after tomorrow… Who knows?

Senstroke, Senspad, our first two connected solutions for drummers are perfectly in line with these ambitions: accessible to you, we demand from ourselves the talent and seriousness that will allow you to enjoy them with complete peace of mind.

Redison: history

Redison’s story begins in April 2017, at the time under the name Drumistic, with the creation of the Senstroke sensors.

Senstroke’s idea

Behind the Senstroke technology is, above all, an idea, an idea that takes shape in the mind of Jérôme Dron, founder and CEO of Redison.

He, a passionate drummer, knows very well the limits and constraints that do not facilitate the use of his favorite instrument, even less the transport: noise, clutter and recording difficulties have always been part of the daily life of drummers and no one has proposed until now a radical enough change of the instrument to solve them.

The electronic drum set, certainly an evolution, remains incremental; it reduces noise and is easy to record, but it remains expensive and cumbersome. All the constraints are not erased and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

But it’s precisely modern technology that will allow Jérôme to find a breakthrough solution: the instrument has to be shifted and virtualized. The best way to transport it is to carry it with you at all times, in your smartphone, and make it as easy to carry as sticks, which are indispensable for hitting.

Jérôme declines the drumset in application, gives the sticks the role of an instrument, and allows any surface to become a playground.

These are Senstroke’s first steps: the concept of connected sensors allowing to play drums without drums, in a realistic way, keeping the precision and playing sensations of the drummer.

A Kickstarter to finance the project

The concept itself is already seducing and arouses great interest in the world of music. The Senstroke technology (at the time Drumistic) federates and interests in all areas of drumming: this is an innovation that does not question the instrument itself, but is intended as a complementary tool. It’s a tool that can be played without limits.

From then on, a Kickstarter campaign becomes conceivable, and is launched in April 2017.

With such a craze among drummers, the initial objective was quickly exceeded and the Kickstarter quickly became more than just an alternative means of financing to become the cradle of the Redison community: more than 3000 fans quickly joined our social networks. This number has continued to grow ever since: we now have more than 10,000 fans worldwide.

Drumistic becomes Redison

In an ambition to diversify in the future, Jérôme renamed Drumistic into Redison a few months later. The revolutionary sensor technology can be extended to many fields beyond the many uses that our community of drummers could make of it.


By becoming Redison, Drumistic opens the door to much more than just sensors for musicians and enables the application of impact-to-signal transcription to many sectors including health, sports and entertainment.

Drumistic sensors become Senstroke sensors, while the company that created, produces and markets them is renamed Redison.

Redison innovations: changing everyday life

Senstroke, to play drums everywhere

It’s simple: Senstroke sensors, attached to drum sticks and connected via Bluetooth to our dedicated application, allow you to play on any surface (training pad, table, knees) by recognizing angle and impact. Any object becomes, virtually, an acoustic drum kit.

And as a drummer himself, Jérôme has imagined a product that is not a toy. The precise management of the bounce and the demanding nature of the strike make Senstroke professional and realistic. Moreover, it is possible to record sessions by playing on real drums, electronic or acoustic. Many drummers, drum teachers and trade magazines recommend this unique technology and have integrated it into their training and playing routines. Fun, yes, but not a simple gadget.

Senstroke, in constant evolution

However, there’s no room for complacency and since its official launch in November 2018, the Senstroke technology has continued to evolve.

The application is equipped with new features, such as the ability to record, customize your drum kit, or progress interactively with a new learning mode.

We have already released some thirty updates that have enabled us to continually improve your experience and many new features have been added to the Senstroke application.

This is a strong marker of our commitment and an important part of our vision of Redison: to constantly make the product evolve, based on the feedback from the community on the forum and social networks and our many ideas, to make you discover a little more of the potential and applications of this small sensor that completely changes our vision of the drumming.

Senspad, a revolution in the world of the electronic drums

The success of Senstroke has never been an excuse for us to stop offering innovations. On the contrary, it is important to capitalize on success and it is with this in mind that we have created our second product; the Senspad.

A second Kickstarter for Redison

With a committed and loyal community, we have chosen, as with Senstroke, to test the ground with a Kickstarter campaign for this revolutionary pad. Once again, the results were in line with our growing community of fans.

In May 2019, the Kickstarter Senspad is officially launched. In just a few months, it is more than 200% funded, which can be considered a great success and another victory for Redison.

Senspad, the first portable drum kit

Senspad, unlike Senstroke, is more than just a complementary tool for drummers. It is the first ultra-portable, wireless, connected drum kit.

As with all great ideas, the observation is both simple and obvious: it’s now more than 30 years since there has been a revolution in the field of electronic drumming and the instrument, since its invention, has remained static. A fossil from another time, it was time to shake it up a bit and give it a new look.

That’s what Senspad has come to do, shaking up the established rules. No connectivity? Senspad uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone and harness its full power. Mains connections? Senspad has a built-in battery that allows you to play wirelessly. Bulky and needing several pads to play? Senspad is multi-zone, one is enough to configure multiple items.

Not only does Senspad fill all the gaps that the electronic drum kit has been dragging for more than 30 years, but it also unexpectedly revolutionizes the way we use it.

Recognized technology

In two years, Senstroke’s technology has proven its worth, as evidenced by testimonials from some of the world’s greatest drummers and magazines.

Testé par des batteurs professionnels :

“Vous avez conçu un excellent produit !” Nasheet Waits, batteur de jazz

“Un assistant électronique révolutionnaire pour les batteurs” Drumperium

The Redison ambassadors

As a guarantee of quality and seriousness, we are supported and encouraged by great names of the drums world, the official Redison ambassadors, who support us all over the world.

Find the portraits of these committed creative people, at the service of culture, on our dedicated “Our ambassadors” page.

A faithful community

Of course, Redison would only be a project if it weren’t for its growing community, which we can always count on. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, we’re proud to gather more than 11,000 enthusiasts around our projects, our ideas, our future.

Drummers, amateurs, enthusiasts, you are all invited to join the Redison family !

A human scale team

You don’t have to be a multinational to be at the service of innovation. Redison is composed of less than 10 people and puts human at the heart of technology as its vocation is to facilitate their daily life, not to exploit it.


Proximity has always been a very important value for us: you can contact us on our forum, our online chat or on our social networks: listening and availability are strong values that Redison defends.

Redison partners

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