Portrait of Reelow

Multi-instrumentalist and professional DJ for over 10 years, we are proud to have another professional musician among Redison’s ambassadors.

Who is Reelow ?

Renato “Reelow” Karolyi is a professional DJ from Spain aged 33.

Reelow is what you might call a ” jack of all trades ” musician.

A pianist for over 17 years, Reelow also knows how to play trumpet, harmonica, drums and percussion, like the cajon.
It is very obviously that Reelow has a strong interest in several styles of music: hip-hop, funk, or blues.

Nevertheless, Renato’s favourite style remains electro: he is first and foremost a professional DJ.

It is by his stage nickname, Reelow, that he travels the world to perform. You can also find hisperformance on his Youtube channel.

Reelow and Senstroke

“The first word that comes to mind when I think about Senstroke ? just Badass”


Reelow received the Senstroke sensors as a gift.

Indeed, his sister, a fan of new technology, participated in our Drumistic Kickstarter in order to offer him the sensors.

Reelow immediately became interested in the concept of sensors : he found them to be badass and breathtaking. This is an incredible opportunity to play on the move, in transport or even in a confined area.

Reelow uses Senstroke sensors in a wide variety of ways, whether on recording or even live during his DJ sets to make the show !
Indeed, it is entirely possible to use the sensors outside the conventional drum set: for example, by using them as percussion instruments during a DJ set.

Find Reelow on :

You too, such as Reelow, can become a Senstroke ambassador by contacting us.

Until then, Keep on Drumming !