Portrait of Aysha Djellel

Today, we are honoured to introduce you to Aysha Djellel, our first French partner Redison.

Who is Aysha ?

Aysha is a drum teacher since 28 years.

She started playing drums at the age of 19, and quickly made it her passion and profession.

Indeed, Aysha created her music school in Paris, called “Paris Music Academy”, of which she is still president.

The least we can say is that Aysha has several skills at her disposal : she is also president of the national association of drum schools and teachers, and is in the process of training to become a professional coach !

Aysha does not have a favourite style of music, but prefers to play everything from reggae to blues, punk, rock and jazz.
She plays on a Yamaha recording studio kit, with cymbals from the Zildjian brand.

Aysha and Senstroke

“Senstroke, a revolutionary tool that allows you to play drums all the time, everywhere!”

Aysha Djellel

Aysha knew us through our Facebook page, and found the concept of Senstroke revolutionary. She loved the product’s initiative, as well as its mobile nature, which allows her to work her drumming style in a completely new way.

Aysha was able to visit us directly at our offices at Redison to shoot a video with the sensors !
So it was under the sun that we were given a demonstration of Senstroke by a drum teacher :

She therefore recommends Senstroke to her students, and to anyone who cannot access a drum kit. For Aysha, Senstroke is a product in the age of time, which is an incredible tool to complement the drums for children, as well as for adults.

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You too, like Aysha, can become a Senstroke partner by contacting us.

And don’t forget, keep on drumming !