Redison brings innovative connected objects to make consumers life easier.

The products


Senstroke is the first connected solution that allows you to play drums, record and improve anywhere.
Using Bluetooth technology, simply attach Senstroke sensors to your drumsticks, your feet, and play on any surface.

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The first 100% portable and connected drum
More portable than electronics drums kits and more evolutive than the multipads,
Senspad is the new alternative to drumming.

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Our goal is to offer you a full experience of drumming : Play realistically, Record all your sessions, Improve yourself. All in one. When you buy a Redison product, you buy a full experience and we keep your product update for free.

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Redison Accessories

For better experiences we offer additional products that will help you to play with confort no matter you are in perfect condition.

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The news from Redison

Who we are ?

Our main focus is on music IOT objects and specially drums products. All our current products have been designed to make drumming worldwide more accessible. Our goal is to allow everyone to play drums without constraint, in a fun and affordable way.

We create innovative tech and app that could be used in a large way of use.Follow us and keep you informed about all our news : Redison Music, Redison Labs, Redison Care